Changelog for Angular Admin Template


Released 7 December 2018

  • Update to Angular 7

  • Update to Angular Material 7

  • Removed ngx-smart-table dependency. Now we use Angular Material tables with filtering, sorting, pagination and selection.

  • Added a new section with Material Forms and validations

  • Removed webpack process and replaced it with tsc

  • Bug fixing

  • Updated all libraries to its latest versions


Released 15 March 2018

  • This update brings much more stability and ease of use. In the first versions of this template, the angular-cli wasn’t mature enough to support both Ahead of Time compilation and server side rendering. That forced us to explore a more complex approach using webpack.

This update includes:

  • Update Angular CLI from 1.5.1 to 1.7.3

  • Update Angular from 5.0.2 to 5.2.8 This new version includes a bunch of fixes and route the next update when Angular 6 becomes stable. Here's a great guide that covers most of the steps to upgrade. The most significant changes that affect this project were the new HttpClient and the new version of RxJs that changed the way we use and include operators in our code.

  • Update Angular Material from 5.0.0.rc0 to 5.2.4

  • Update all the barrels to avoid circular dependencies warnings. Following one simple rule: Do not import a symbol from a barrel that export the current file.

  • Fix server side rendering for some views that were not working properly (this had to do with third party libraries that didn't work as expected with server side rendering)

  • Updated and removed unused third party libraries.

    • Removed ng2-datepicker and ngx-chips as the latest version of Angular Material has robust components for these use cases.

    • Updated nouislider and ng2-nouislider

  • Enforce the Angular Style Guide throughout the project

  • Include pre-commit hook in package.json to enforce linting before commiting


  • Refactor code

Migration steps

The project suffered some major structural changes due to the moving from webpack development workflow to Angular CLI.

  1. That’s why I highly recommend (if you already started working and editing the templates files of the previous version) to copy your modified /app folder and replace it in the new version folder structure.

  2. Then you can start reviewing the Angular upgrade steps (mostly related to the new HttpClient module and the new version of RxJs).

  3. Finally you should proceed to update your barrels the way we did and enforcing the Angular style guide (you may find it a tedious repetitive task, but it’s for the greater good).


Released 27 December 2017

  • Bug fixes


Released 23 November 2017

  • Initial release

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